In this changing employment landscape, executive level professionals are taking the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and launch their own ventures. Many do not know where to start the process and how to coordinate all the professional services they will need to launch. With Executive Launch, all of these elements can be synchronized to position the venture for the best possible opportunity for success.

We are not fundraisers, but we do provide many of the initial plan elements new ventures need to approach friends and family, or an investor for first-round or seed capital.

Executive Launch has been established to provide professionals with a resource for acquiring all the needed elements to launch their new company. A project manager engages multiple, experienced Partners who are seasoned professionals with decades of experience.

Clients work directly with US- based Executive Launch Partners. Partners work diligently to meet client expectations and deadlines to ensure a successful launch.

There are two types of Executive Launch Partners, Principal Partners and Affiliate Partners. Principal Partners head up distinct business disciplines: Business Launch Consulting, Branding and Marketing, Digital and Social, Sales, Operations, Accounting, and Legal. An experienced project manager coordinates and executes the plan for each client. Affiliate Partners offer additional services that clients may need. These include: concierge services, IT integration, IT security and telecom.

The Affiliate Partners offer additional services that the client may need, but are not included in the fixed price program. They include concierge services, IT integration, telecom, security and others.

The two main packages available are: the Solo/Services Package and the Venture Package.  Solo/Services Package and a Venture Package.

The Solo/Services Package is for individuals who are starting their own consulting practice, often from home, and need a limited set of professional services to get started.

The Venture Package  includes the elements of the Consultancy Package plus additional services to prepare for a launch of Physical Products, Software, Virtual Products and Retail/Geographic Ventures.

Executive Launch was created by three Tampa business professionals, Art Fyvolent, Dan Heckman and Allen Clary; all of whom have deep startup experience and vast industry knowledge across multiple disciplines.

The Partners Have All Launched Successful Companies And
Bring Broad Industry Experience To Your Startup!